Author Guidelines

1. Manuscripts sent to the editorial office of ITQAN: Journal of Islamic Economics, Management, and Finance can be in writing the research results, thoughts, and literature studies.

2. Articles sent to the editorial office of ITQAN: Journal of Islamic Economics, Management, and Finance, have never been published in other media. If the article or part of the article has been published or presented, the author must include that information.

3. The manuscript is written in English, using Times New Romans font.

4. The length of the manuscript is at least ten pages. While abstracts are written in English and Indonesian using Times New Roman 10, each between 150-200 words and accompanied by 3-5 keywords.

5. Manuscripts can be submitted online. Click here
6. The manuscript will go through a double-blind review process by (reviewers), and the Editor will determine the acceptance decision. Manuscripts published will be edited by the Editor without changing the substance.
7. The structure of the research results consists of the following:

  • Title,
  • Abstract,
  • Introduction,
  • Methods,
  • Results and Discussion,
  • Conclusion, and
  • Reference.

8. The format for citation (body note) and bibliography follows APA edition.

9. The literature in the bibliography only includes sources referred to or cited in the manuscript and consists of at least 15 literary sources.

10. Reference sources referred to in the manuscript should also refer to several scientific journal articles

11. Manuscripts with a plagiarism check result more significant than 40% will automatically be rejected. Conversely, accepted manuscripts will be published after the plagiarism check results are less than 25%.

12. For more details, refer to the article template in  ITQAN: Journal of Islamic Economics, Management, and Finance. Click here.